note: this series is currently ongoing! will update with more soon!
welcome to the olympus playlists project!
as an avid fan of greek mythology with an incredibly disorganized taste in music, i decided to make playlists based on the olympians as a way to exercise my creativity in 2020. this project was just for me, but i love the idea of sharing these to others & seeing which mythological figure people resonated with!
here are all of the playlist designs & codes! 
scroll down to read more about the process behind each one & see which god or goddess your music taste aligns with the most!
zeus, god of lightning
an edm playlist inspired by the war against the titans
poseidon, god of the sea
a summer playlist inspired by the feeling of being on the beach at sunset, surrounded by friends
hades, god of the underworld
a playlist of sad music that echo the hopelessness of the underworld
hera, goddess of women & marriage
a playlist of women knowing their worth - hera is painted as jealous throughout greek mythology, but her husband, zeus, single-handedly populated the world, and i think that's a perfectly valid reason to be angry
hestia, goddess of the hearth
the feeling of sitting around the fireplace in a cabin in the woods with your friends, and someone brought a guitar - these songs are acoustic, reminiscing on both good & bad memories
demeter, goddess of the harvest
i made 2 playlists for this one: one for springtime demeter, when she has her daughter, persephone, with her - one for winter demeter, when persephone is in the underworld with hades.
persephone, goddess of springtime
although the popular story is that persephone got kidnapped by hades, there are some versions that say she chose to stay in the underworld willingly - a good girl gone bad kind of situation, you know? this is for my r&b playlist, but specifically for songs that are ~in the mood~
hermes, the messenger god of travel
known to be a mischievous prankster, hermes is the cover of my 80's-inspired synth-pop playlist - the songs are somewhat cheeky but lots of fun!
athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy
imagine you're studying in the library by candlelight, but someone's been murdered and the group of ragtag students is acting increasingly more suspicious as the night wears on - that's what this playlist was inspired by
p.s. if you think that's interesting, read the secret history by donna tartt!!
hephaestus, god of fire
always at the forge, the metalworking hephaestus was a skilled craftsman. however, because he was known as the ugliest of the gods (his mother, hera, even flung him off of olympus when he was born), he was married to aphrodite to prevent a war of the gods for her hand. she never loved him, & constantly cheated on him with ares - in fact, hephaestus even caught them in his traps more than once. i made a playlist of rock/punk music to reflect not only the fires of the forge but also, i'm sure, the rage hephaestus felt inside.
ares, god of war
sometimes, you just need to swear at top speed - especially with current american politics...
aphrodite, goddess of love
a playlist of parisian cafe music, so that the listener (me) can astral project to france since air travel isn't the safest in a pandemic
artemis, goddess of the hunt & the moon
my favorite fact about artemis is that she's known as being a virgin goddess - but because back in those times, 'virgin' also meant 'unmarried,' it's possible she had relations with women. thus, she became a sapphic symbol of sorts, so i made a playlist of artists who make sapphic songs - do you listen to girl in red?
apollo, god of music, medicine, & the sun
a playlist of songs that sound like waking up on a lazy sunday morning - honestly, made this so that waking up isn't an agony
dionysus, god of wine
dionysus is one of my favorite gods - not because he's in a sense the god of partying, but because he also possesses the power over madness & insanity. and anyone who's ever had one too many drinks on a night out knows there's always a point in the night that goes from fun with friends to making regrettable choices. this playlist is a bit more abstract than the other in the sense that it's the feeling of looking out the window of the car on the way home, drunk & thinking about everything - from fun to sad.

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